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The best you can do to guarantee that your project will be a success is to select the most qualified writers. To make the selection process effortless we’ve designed a system that shows you the writers’ ratings and their feedback from previous clients, so that you can make informed decisions.

Review our rating system based on outspoken customer feedback: mutual assessment guarantees balanced collaboration and honest ratings to our writers.

Writer assessment

Each writer has a unique rating based on all his/her accepted projects (both completed and ongoing), this is represented as an average score of stars (with five being the maximum). In addition, the profile pages of each writer keep track of all projects and customer feedback throughout his/her working history on our platform. On the profile page you can also check topics and subjects which the writer has worked on before and decide whether he/she qualifies for your assignment as well.

Client evaluations

We also allow our writers share their experience after working in collaboration with each client. Therefore, each client is also awarded one to five stars and is given feedback by the writer after the completion of his/her project.

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Have you worked with our writer and enjoyed the paper? Please spend couple of minutes and write a review. Your feedback is very valuable for other clients as they’re looking for the best writer in their field and with your advice they will be able to make a confident choice. In addition to that, we appreciate your experience as we expect our writers and staff provide you with the best service possible. Last but not least, your assessment motivates our writers to improve their skills and grow professionally.

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Plagiarism and Uniqueness check

Plagiarism in it’s nature is an informational theft, whether it is a failure to give a full credit to the source or a conscious copy pasting of someone else’s abstracts into your work. This is considered as illegal fraud and is a very serious matter to any educational establishment.

At EssayTornado.com we are fully aware of the plagiarism issue and its consequences. Our brand name says for itself - each paper you order from our writers will be created from scratch personally for you. We never reuse, rewrite or transform any of papers that already exist. We start each project with in-depth research and make sure we will use only relevant and up-to-date information.

In order to prevent the paper from plagiarism and ensure you receive only high-quality unique work, we have set a system of tools and tests. Also, we train our writers to quote their sources correctly and provide the complete list of references. Thereby we make sure our writers provide the best service at the market and satisfy our clients’ needs.

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