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What service does EssayTornado.com provide?

EssayTornado.com offers professional assistance with writing assignments to the students around the globe. We specialize in writing custom college papers at any level of difficulty for students majoring in any academic subject.

How it works?

Our online platform is designed to help students and writers connect and collaborate when working on assignments. Our simple and intuitive interface makes the process easy and comfortable for both parties.

Getting started on our platform is simple and requires you to only sign up once with your email address. In order to protect your identity, we don’t ask you for any personal details, including your name. As a first-time customer, you will be assigned an automatically generated username, which will act as your unique identity on EssayTornado.com from that point onwards. When placing your next orders, you will simply need to sign in using the same email address you registered with.

Once you are logged in, you should fill in a form with the details of your writing assignment. This will provide us with a detailed description of the requirements of your custom paper. Details that are of importance to us include: assignment topic, length, formatting style, citations and references. In addition, there is a place for you to write down any specific instructions that you might have for the writer.

Once the form is submitted, your assignment will appear in form of a project and writers will immediately start bidding on it. All writers who bid on your project will be visible to you, you can check out their profiles as well as start a private chat with them.

When choosing a writer to hire, please consider the following rating criteria:

  • Number and topics of completed projects
  • Reviews from other clients
  • Writer’s rating based on their overall performance

Please note, that EssayTornado.com service does not ask for any pre-payment. However, after you’ve selected a writer, you will have to deposit a specific amount of funds through your credit card to guarantee that you are capable of paying the writer. However, these funds remain with-held and are only released after you confirm your satisfaction with the writer’s work.

Why choose EssayTornado.com?

At EssayTornado.com we combine five key components that guarantee every client a perfect paper:

  • We hire only professional writers with academic background. Our writers headhunting division searches, tests and employs the best English-speaking writers who can demonstrate strong writing skills, erudition and large experience in his or her particular area. The candidates who eager to join our team should hold a degree from recognized universities and be passionate for writing.
  • We specialize on custom writing at any level of difficulty. We are fully aware about plagiarism policies and their consequences, thereby we guarantee our customers 100% unique plagiarism free contents. We use only relevant up-to-date information that allows us provide you with high-quality, well-grounded papers.
  • We specialize on writings on all levels of difficulty. We are fully aware about plagiarism policies and their consequences, therefore we guarantee our customers 100% unique content. We use only relevant and up-to-date information which allows us provide you with high-quality, well-grounded papers.
  • We have a versatile experience in academic writing. We hire essayists with background in rare fields and specific knowledge, thereby ensuring our competence as topnotch academic assistance service. We encourage our writers to always deepen their lore and improving their writing skills to supply you with best papers possible.
  • We have extensive experience in all forms of academic writing. We hire essayists who have backgrounds from all kinds of fields and who are also well-rounded in those fields. This ensures our competence as a topnotch academic assistance service. We encourage our writers to consistently sharpen their writing skills in order for them to deliver work that is of the highest standard possible to you.

Who will perform my writing assignment?

As a corrupt tree cannot bring forth a good fruit, neither can an incompetent writer create a good paper. We never let inexperienced or unskilled writers be in charge of your educational performance. Here at EssayTornado.com we ensure that every writer goes through a series of competitive tests to confirm their academic competence and writing skills. In our efforts to offer you an outstanding service, we go even further and allow you to choose the writer, instruct him and supervise the whole process, if you wish to. In this way you can honestly claim to be the author of your paper, since with your collaboration, you and the writer can create absolutely unique and custom content.

How long does it take to place my order?

Before you can say Jack Robinson! The whole process takes only 3 steps - sign up with your email, fill in the Order Form and state the topic and length of your paper. That’s all! Once the form is submitted, you can chat with the writers and discuss your project in details - whether you have specific requirements or the writer could offer his ideas. Click the “Place an order” and consider your paper done!

What if I don’t like the paper?

We all are people and different situations could occur - there might happen some misunderstanding or perhaps you and the writer have different points of view on the topic. If this happens to you, we are open to hear your comments and make reasonable corrections so that you’re completely satisfied. You pay only for the writing, edits and argumented corrections are on the house.

Only after you’re completely satisfied with the paper, you should release the payment to the writer. By doing so you confirm you’ve approved the project and no further corrections will be accepted. Please read our Terms&Conditions regarding resolutions of possible disputes.

What are the guarantees that my paper will be original?

Our brand speaks for itself - we write custom papers from scratch personally for each our customer. No other way of work is acceptable for us. We’ve earned reputation of the reliable writing service by providing high-quality plagiarism-free content, which is never reused, rewritten or transformed from any old papers we’ve ever created before. As a proof, we let you supervise the whole process and see the writer working on your paper in real time.

We are fully aware of plagiarism policies and our team is legally responsible for any cases of fraud. We guarantee that each source in your work will be cited properly and the list of references will be complete. Our professional team of editors revises each paper meticulously and make sure it is free of plagiarism and any typos. Also, we use a set of professional plagiarism check software that detects even the slightest traces of non-unique content and the reports of these tests can be sent to you upon request.

In case you still suspect that your paper contains dubious pieces or some sources that are not properly credited, inform us immediately and we will resolve the matter.

What about confidentiality?

EssayTornado.com care not only about the quality of the papers, but also about your educational performance. That is why we have implemented the high security procedures to make sure you will never face penalty at school. We never ask you give us your real name, age or any other personal data. Your account will be set with just an email address and your identity will be hidden even from our writers. All our staff is oblidged to keep their work confidential and we never and in no case reveal your purchase information to anyone.